Year of 10GB RAM Smartphone! Nubia teases the Red Magic 2 with SND 845

Of course, this is definitely the year of monstrous 10GB RAM smartphone. Nubia also announces its Red Magic smartphone which is set to come with 10GB RAM. 

10GB RAM Smartphone 2018 - Nubia teases the Red Magic 2

10GB RAM Smartphone 2018 – Nubia teases the Red Magic 2

ZTE’s sub-brand Nubia unveils that it was soon going to launch a monster 10GB RAM smartphone. The company made this clear by posting the official teaser for its upcoming Red Magic 2 smartphone on its site. Nubia also broke down all details about the Nubia Red Magic 2 specs and tech feature.

So far, the company’s new smartphone is coming with Snapdragon 845 SoC with 10GB of RAM. There are also storage options of 128GB/256GB ROM – all expandable via microSD. Besides, the company is planning to launch the 512GB ROM version internationally as soon as January 2019.

Some of its new features include the use of both air and liquid cooling in the smartphone. This tech innovation helps the Magic 2 smartphone temperature cool down during gaming. The other feature is the inclusion of 3D surround sound (implying the Red Magic 2 will have stereo speakers). So far, it is the lightest 4D gaming phone that you should prepare to buy.

Stay tuned for more details about this new 10GB RAM phone. More beast available here… Xiaomi 10GB RAM phone

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