2018 iPhone -iPhone X Plus & Two More iPhones Revealed- 6.5-inch & 512GB ROM

Well, Forbes has given its opinion about the upcoming Apple beast. The new iPhone X Plus seems to be the savior against the 2018 Samsung flagships. Besides, Tim Cook, Apple CEO made the headlines on what the new Apple iPhone will offer to Apple fans. Read the full article below for more details. 

2018 iPhone Lineup- iPhone X Plus Revealed- 6.5-inch & 512GB ROM

New iPhone X Plus- The Savior

First of all, we want you to know that there is something crazy happening with Apple. It is that Apple analysts were expecting Apple to ship 20 to 30 million iPhone X models. But unfortunately, new studies revealed that market is not going so well for Apple as it might only ship 18 million units this Quarter. So this shows that it will fall behind expectation and may struggle to go head to head with Samsung.

Due to this study, Apple looks to be speeding the process to unveil 3 new iPhones. These Apple flagships are nothing else but the iPhone SE X, iPhone XC and iPhone X Plus. But today, we will focus on telling you more about the iPhone X Plus specifications. The X Plus is coming with a bigger screen of 6.5-inch Super AMOLED with 480-500 PPI. The phone might run on the same processor Apple Bionic A11 as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

In addition, the new iPhone X Plus smartphone is going to have a big storage, 256 and 512GB. Once again, the storage is not expandable. It will have an IP68 Certification ( waterproof and dust resistant) plus Apple pay system. Moreover, reports claimed that iPhone X Plus cameras might come with dual 16+16MP rear and 12MP front for selfies.

2018 iPhone Lineup- iPhone X Plus Revealed- 6.5-inch & 512GB ROM


For us, we have a big concern, and it is all about the iPhones battery. They are always not sufficient compared to these crazy battery phones. Hopefully, Apple can give a better and bigger battery for the X Plus model. Also, the iPhone X Plus price is not yet official. Apple CEO Tim Cook has something to say at the Mobile World Congress 2018 (February). So definitely, he might say something about the iPhone X Plus release date, just stay tuned for more incoming info.

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