It Is Official – 2018 iPhone Models Will Have 4GB RAM For The First Time Ever

One of the three 2018 iPhone models just passed the Geekbench benchmark test early this week, and the test revealed a few interesting things. One of them with A12 chipset features six-cores just like the A11 does and will carry 4GB of RAM.

2018 iPhone Models

2018 iPhone Models Will Have 4GB RAM

Honestly, not everybody liked the previous Apple iPhones hardware. Like the iPhone 8 with 2GB of RAM, the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X with both carrying 3GB of RAM. With many Android phones offering 8GB of RAM, Apple will have to adapt the system in order to make its Apple iPhone 2019 very smooth and fast with big hardware.

2018 iPhone models will have 4GB of RAM and also massive internal storage. So far, reports believe that the 4GB RAM iPhone is going to be the 6.5-inch Apple iPhone X Plus. In case if you don’t know what is “RAM”, it means Random Access Memory. It is an internal memory chip that optimizes data used by active apps in your phone. The bigger the phone RAM, the smoother will be your multitasking experience.

However, there are fewer details revealed about this mysterious iPhone that all Apple fans are waiting for. But we have an article about the triple upcoming iPhone for 2018 right here. It is an inside leak that was provided by smartphone analysts. Moreover, we will cover up more details as soon as we hear from Apple itself.

2018 iPhone Models

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