2019 iPhone XI could look like this – Triple cameras – 6GB RAM

Upcoming 2019 iPhone XI is one of the most awaited smartphones of 2019. It is said to be the first iPhone to sport 6GB RAM and triple cameras on the rear.

2019 iPhone XI could look like this - Triple cameras - 6GB RAM

2019 iPhone XI – Triple cameras

Recent development of the 2019 iPhone XI revealed that the phone will have 3 cameras on the rear. This is something Apple has never done since day one. In fact, some of its “Apple” direct competitors like Samsung have even developed 4 cameras phones as well as triple cameras phones. Actually, the most important thing is the performance and who did it better.

Therefore, fans need to wait and see which one of the Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei will win the best cameras phone 2019. For the Apple iPhone XI 2019, the phone will use triple lens setups with Apple & Sony cameras technologies. The phone is also going to be Apple’s most expensive iPhones after it launches in September 2019. According to a rumor from inside Apple, the iPhone 2019 will have a Huawei-inspired square camera unit.

At this point now, the complete details of iPhone 2019 sensor remain unclear. But it is likely that Apple will keep the native telephoto functions for this new brother. Meaning that the side will have a LED flash, large microphone, and also a Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera feature. There will also be new innovations by Sony that can make Apple iPhones good at snapping 3D photos.

2019 iPhone XI could look like this - Triple cameras - 6GB RAM

Moreover, this phone is not ready to join other Apple phones in Apple store anytime soon. The iPhone XI is still in the manufacturing and development phase and will officially launch in September. Most importantly, there are no details about the phone’s full specs, price and other hardware parts breakdown. In fact, you should take this news with a pinch of salt since it is a piece of unconfirmed news.

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