2019 iPhone XI With 3 Rear Cameras Looks Stunning – 6GB RAM – 512GB ROM –

An official iPhone design reveals how the 2019 iPhone XI phone is going to look like. In fact, it is complete 6GB RAM iPhone you are going to enjoy this year. A total speedy “fast” Apple phone.

2019 iPhone XI With 3 Rear Cameras Are Stunning - 6GB RAM - 512GB ROM -



2019 iPhone XI specs – 6GB RAM 

A few days ago, we described what was said to be the feature of the 2019 iPhone cameras. And so far, all iPhone fans are asking Apple to make sure they get something exact as the iPhone XI concept they revealed this year.

In terms of photography, you can clearly see that then iPhone XI cameras sport 3 lenses packed in a square design. Also, its cameras sensor are arranged in a triangle and a LED flash to complete and make the photo shooting perfect. Besides that, sources from inside Apple factory in China revealed that the 2019 iPhone XI will have 6GB RAM powered by A14 Bionic Chip.

For the storage, the phone sits on a 512GB ROM which is expandable via a flash drive. Once again, all three 2019 iPhones screen will be made with Samsung’s OLED technology. This type of display feature is pretty cheap and fantastic in terms of visibility. Guess what, that’s the reason why the 2018 iPhones look so beautiful, thanks to Samsung AMOLED Display.

2019 iPhone XI With 3 Rear Cameras Are Stunning - 6GB RAM - 512GB ROM -

On top of that, your 2019 iPhones will all feature the waterproof an dust resistant function. Apple is pushing hard to unveil its 2019 iPhone flagships as soon as in quarter 2 “2019”. Hopefully, the phone can come with the 5G Network connectivity as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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