Apple’s 2020 iPhones will support 5G – 6GB RAM, 512GB ROM, 3 Cameras – This is crazy!

The 5G network is the latest trend, and phone manufacturers are all getting involved in that business. Now, it’s Apple’s reveal that three of its 2020 iPhones will support the 5G network. That’s just amazing, but there is also new technology that will really make these iPhones very powerful. Let’s check them out!

Apple’s 2020 iPhones will support 5G - 6GB RAM


Apple’s 2020 iPhones will support 5G – 6GB RAM

2020 iPhones will support 5G, Apple fans are definitely happy with this news. “As networks begin to roll out 5G networks around the world, smartphone manufacturers are beginning to roll out phones that will be able to access them”. One of these manufacturers is Apple which has a massive interest using the 5G technology for its 2020 iPhones. So far, this 5G technology will cover three of Apple’s iPhones in 2020.

In Jun, one of Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed some secret info about 2020 upcoming iPhones. The man revealed that there will be a 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch iPhones that would definitely support 5G connection. In fact, no one knew that if two of the 2020 iPhones will have such kind of screen displays. Besides, the cheaper version a 6.1-inch iPhone XR successor which is going to access the 5G network through LTE networks.

Apple’s 2020 iPhones will support 5G - 6GB RAM, 512GB ROM, 3 Cameras


According to our source inside Apple, the company has more than enough resources to develop 5G iPhones after it recently acquired the Intel baseband business. Also, Apple’s analyst “Kuo” said that there are many Android phones that will run on the sub-6GHz version of 5G, but not the mmWave version, which offers more speed. In addition, Kuo also stated that this what Apple is trying to focus on, to offer a premium phone that has the best 5G connection.

Apple’s 2020 iPhones will support 5G

So we can clearly see why Apple is not rushing to get in the 5G business now. The American tech giant is preparing to give users something other smartphones manufacturers don’t have. However, there are 5G phones that are already in-store now, and you can buy them: Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7 Pro, ZTE Axon 10 Pro, just to cite few.

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