Video: 24 new Fourth-generation pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go this week

Pokémon Go players are soon going to be able to expand their pokédexes before Sunday. Niantic company confirmed the arrival of new fourth generations of pokémon. A generation which first appeared in Nintendo DS games such as Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Fourth-generation pokémon on Pokémon Go

This week, Niantic will launch the new pokémon in waves all at once. The company also said that it there will be some new features and expansion to pokémon storage soon. As for now, there is an important release of the generation 3 pokémon as well as one from generation 2 which is still uncertain.  This is because Niantic is trying to figure out what characteristics should be integrated.

Pokémon Go game still remains a phenomenally successful mobile game. That’s the reason why the Niantic company keeps on adding new features to attract new players. Since the game has a worldwide base, this will help the company to extract more money from the existing players base. Pokemon Go game also has a trading base.

And this week,  the Pokemon Android version got advanced AR through Google’s ARCore SDK support. Very soon, Let’s Go will be available for the Nintendo Switch, with heavy integration with Pokémon Go.

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