48MP Galaxy A80 phone gets autofocus for selfies – Improved camera technology

Samsung has finally brought something new for its brand new 48MP Galaxy A80 phone. Now, your 48MP monster Samsung Galaxy A80 has a new selfie improvement.

48MP Galaxy A80 phone – Camera technology

The South Korean technology giant pushed the update that you can find in the Galaxy A80’s setting. The 48MP camera phone uses its rear camera for selfies and video calls. However, the A80 phone’s front sensor locks the focus via a new technology that when used shooting selfies. To fix this issue, Samsung decided to make a new software update that lets you manually enjoy your new autofocus function for selfies.

48MP Galaxy A80 phone gets autofocus for selfies

Moreover, you will have to get a minimum 400MB in size to upgrade to this new update. This new Samsung A80 software update is available on the new A805FXXU2ASG7 model now. Also, you can use Samsung’s platform which is Smart Switch software to update your phone.

Full Samsung Galaxy A80 Specs.

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