5 Best Apps For iPhone X 2018- These Are The First 5 Apps You Should Download

5 Best Apps For iPhone X 2018- Well, here are the first 5 applications you should download for your iPhone X. No more silly mistakes, because these iOS applications will make sure your daily routine are well programmed. Read the list below for more details. 

5 Best Apps For iPhone X 2018-

5 Best Apps For iPhone X 2018- Check Out!!!

1- Foursquare

The first App of this list of 5 best Apps for iPhone X 2018 is Foursquare. Do you like going out? Are you passionate about food? Dating and etc… Well, Foursquare will tell you everything about the next place you are going to visit. Download this app and have access to all the reviews and commentary of previous people who have been there. Therefore, you will do no mistake to take her to that dirty restaurant for a date.


2- Google Photos Upload

Here it is, the best application to save your photos in the cloud. Google Photos App lets you save all your photos and videos and with unlimited storage. In fact, you don’t need to keep media files to full your iPhone X storage. The second best app of this list of 5 best Apps for iPhone X 2018 is a must have and try.

3- Trip It

Travellers, Businessmen & Businesswomen, does not matter what status you hold, but you need this App. You definitely need Trip Application as it lets you do fun and cool things anywhere you go. You will have access to tons of funny stories, good places to see, and incredible and lovely area to visit with Trip.

Trip Application

4- Google Maps

Well Well Well… This is the father of all maps out there. As you know it, Google maps will make it easy for you to move around your city or a new place where you just moved to live peacefully. Try Google Maps and you will never get lost again in town.

Google Maps- 5 Best Apps For iPhone X 2018

5- Pocket

Last but not least, Pocket is one of the 5 best Apps for iPhone X 2018. In fact, it should be your favorite one, yes. Pocket App allows you to save all your important browsed files in one place. Once you save the docs, videos, song or whatever, you can read or view them on the Go. What makes it wonderful is that you do not need a wifi of mobile data to view whatever you want to check.

5 Best Apps For iPhone X 2018- Pocket App

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