The 5 best apps for new iPhones –

Are you looking forward to buying a new iPhone? if so… then you should get these 5 best apps for new iPhones. Let’s see what and how they can make life easier for you.

The 5 best apps for new iPhones -

5 best apps for new iPhones


I bet that you hate getting lost in the middle of places where you don’t know. So if you really don’t enjoy getting lost, Google Maps is the number app you should download first. Besides, its utility and benefices are what made us put itas number one app of this list of 5 best apps for new iPhones. However, Apple Maps is not bad either, but Google Maps remains the king when it comes to location accuracy.

The 5 best apps for new iPhones -

Available For Free –                                                 Download Here


Again, here is another Apple iPhone app that will save your day. The iPhone App Dark Sky is the next app that focuses on predicting what and how the weather will be for the next few minutes. This means that you will worry about nothing after you install Dark Sky weather saver. The app will always tell you if you need an umbrella or not.

The 5 best apps for new iPhones -

Available For $ 3.99 –                                                 Download Here


The second choice of our list of 5 best apps for new iPhone is Venmo. This mobile money transferer will make it easy for your friends to gift you some cash. It might be you that want to send some money to your lover or best friend who urgently need some cash.

The 5 best apps for new iPhones -

Available For Free –                                                 Download Here


Of course, there is a lot of wonderful contents on the internet. But the problem is that, do you have time to read them all? surely not. That’s where Pocket apps come in as a savior. This reading apps lets you download and save contents so you can read them when you have more time.

The 5 best apps for new iPhones -

Available For Free –                                                 Download Here


Are you the kind of person who writes or takes plenty of notes? if so… then this is the best iPhone note-taking app you should download. The App is a bit expensive but is also worth investing. Some of its benefits include the synchronisation of your notes to your computer (Macs and PCs).

The 5 best apps for new iPhones -

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Opinion – 

In conclusion, you should really try to get these iPhone apps if you really want your daily life tasks to be easy. Besides, these Apple applications will increase your productivity to the max.

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