5 Best Apps No Woman Should Live Without in 2018- Useful Android & iOS Apps

Today, we are going to make an exclusive list of 5 best Apps no woman should live without in 2018. These Applications also support both iOS and Android operating system, so you can download and use them regardless the device you are using. Let’s do this for our strong women.

5 Best Apps No Woman Should Live Without in 2018

1- myPill

Well, we know that many of you forget to stay on track of their birth control. That’s why we decided to bring myPill for you. This Application actually reminds you to be on time for your pill. It does make a good sense that it stops you from getting unexpected pregnancy. It sends notification on your phone so you can take your pill or replace other forms of contraception.

In fact, the best feature of this App is that it informs you about the perfect time you should meet with your doctor. Meaning that it can automatically schedule a checkup with your doctor, tracking symptoms, and prediction when you will be on your period. Find myPill for Android & iOS now.

5 Best Apps No Woman

2- OPI

Ok, you are sure about the nail color that you should put on your next date? don’t worry, this App will tell you more. Besides, OPI is one of the top App on this list of 5 best Apps no woman should live without. OPI Application lets you test virtually the colors on your nail before doing it in pratique. You can download the OPI app for iOS and Android now.

5 Best Apps No Woman

3- Nike+ Training Club

And now, we have the Nike+ Training Club app that all women need to have in their phones. This App will help you keep your lifestyle balanced with a very good daily activity program. You may not even need a personal trainer. Because it delivers the perfect training program to keep you in the perfect shape. Its entire 100 workouts programs were designed by Nike master trainers. Download iOS & Android.

5 Best Apps No Woman

4- Moneyfy Pro

When it comes to saving and tracking your spending, Moneyfy Pro does good. It is financial apps that we even call the “Perfect lifesaver”. You can organize your finances by systematically tracking your whole investments status. In fact, it does pull details about your credit card bills, bank accounts, and expenses into one interface “smart spending tracker”. Moneyfy Pro Android & iOS.

5 Best Apps No Woman


5- Spotify

Last but not least, Spotify to enjoy your entire playlist on the go. It does not matter if you are using the free or updated version, Spotify App puts all your favorite songs in one place. You can easily access and manage as you want and adapt it to what seems to be convenient to you. The last best app of this list of 5 best apps no woman should live without is Spotify, and you can find the App for iOS & Android.

5 Best Apps No Woman

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