Nokia to reveal a 5 cameras Nokia phone with 8GB RAM, SnD 845 SoC “Video”

Nokia might reveal a 5 cameras Nokia phone in 2018. Nokia & HMD Global seem to be working on the first premium smartphone with 3 cameras at the back and dual selfie shooter for 2018.

5 cameras Nokia phone

5 cameras Nokia phone in 2018

2018 is the year that the electronic devices are going to be more amazing with unlimited expectations. Many of them will support advanced features like Artificial Intelligence “AI”, 3D virtual fingerprint, advanced Iris scanner and mega cameras. Well, we know that no phone can offer all these crazy features at the same time this year, maybe in 2019. But for now, most of them are trying hard to offer the best technology as possible as they can.

So far, TechRadar indicated Nokia is the only famous brand working on a 5 cameras Nokia phone. Its also stated that nothing is still clear about how these lenses are going to be used. Some websites also believe that it might be the Nokia 9 Plus smartphone. Some leaks also revealed that it might be called Nokia 10. Uhmmm, let’s no think so general until Nokia itself officialize the flagship’s release date in Nokia stores.

However, you can keep in mind that this might be the most powerful Nokia phone and one of the best smartphone of 2018 as well. In addition, keep in mind that Nokia did not confirm yet this leak of a “Cinquo” “Cinq” or “Five” 5 cameras Nokia phone. If HMD and Nokia make it official, then Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, iPhone X or Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium are all dead, just kidding… But they will be no competition here.

5 cameras Nokia phone: Next Thing

In conclusion, you should know that a premium smartphone with 5 cameras phone is not going to be easy to defeat. People care about the cameras nowadays more than the specs even. This might be the reason for Nokia to invest in this kind of innovation. Stay tuned and subscribe for more upcoming news about Nokia… Peace.

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