5 Exclusive Technologies Coming In 2018

As 2017 is closing on its departure, 2018 have already started to showcase the exciting technologies and inventions it has for you. So today, we will tell you how these 5 exclusive technologies will change our lives in 2018.

5 Exclusive Technologies Coming In 2018

5 Exclusive Technologies For 2018

In 2017, we saw a bunch of crazy innovations start from smartphones to gadgets and much more. What even surprised us was the arrival of Bezel-Less smartphones and high-end phones with 6GB RAM. Meaning that 2018 will even be much better. There are plenty of new technologies launching in different products as well as in individual aspects. In 2018, you will see:

1- Under-display fingerprint scanners

The very first smartphone with an under display fingerprint scanner will officially launch in March 2018. I know you are good at guessing, and you probably think Apple or Samsung phone will be the first phone to have this feature, but you know what, it’s Vivo. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer has already a prototype ready.

And in the mid-February 2018, you will be able to officially buy it in Vivo stores. Vivo’s under-screen fingerprint scanner is developed by Synaptics with its Clear ID FS9500 chip, a small CMOS device placed below an AMOLED screen. It easily reads and understands your finger and magically read the reflections of its movements.

5 Exclusive Technologies Coming In 2018

2- First augmented reality headset

Apple biggest ambition is to take over the augmented reality market. Actually, the manufacturer of the iPhones is working on a VR headsets that are totally different from the current ones. However, Apple has not stated anything official about its Virtual Reality headset. But we strongly believe that it will launch anytime in 2018.

Presently, the company recently hired AR expert to start working on its 2019 AR headsets project. This includes specialist from film industry and programmers. It shows Apple’s interest in being the top leader for the Augmented Reality headsets. Right now, Apple is expecting its displays… glasses it ordered from a Chinese manufacturer for its VR & AR products.

5 Exclusive Technologies Coming In 2018

3- Voice assistants that sound humans

Yes, in 2018, Siri, Google search, Alexa will all sound like you. You will stop hearing your phone or tablet talking to you in a full robotic manner. We said 5 exclusive technologies coming in 2018, and Google really cares about this. Google’s voice department is working on improving machine to sound like a real human.

Recently, its published an official document about this technology.  Google said that it is possible because of the company’s advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. However, it also added that this new technology will soon available in 2018 ( no date fixed ).

5 Exclusive Technologies Coming In 2018

4- Premium and affordable phones from China

This year 2017, we saw the OnePlus 5T which really attracted our attention. Also, this phone is also one of the best high-end smartphones that cost below $ 500. With 8GB RAM, Oneplus 5T became the most powerful phone with SnD 835 SoC. Not only the processor, but Oneplus 5T cameras really make the difference.

It offers a dual 20+16MP rear and 8MP for selfies. For more details, learn here. Moreover, Xiaomi is also part of the game with its Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Studies have revealed that smartphones price will drop to 40%. Meaning that smartphone manufacturers will have to reduce the price if they want to stay in the competition.

5 Exclusive Technologies Coming In 2018

5- First AI-powered smartphone

Google Pixel 2 XL is the only phone in the industry with little AI power system. The American giant claimed that it will improve the Artificial Intelligence of its upcoming Google phones. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to interact with your smartphones in 2018.

For people who don’t know, Artificial intelligence is knowledge displayed by robots or machines. It is associated with natural intelligence (humans and animals) to make it more responsive. In addition, the Google Pixel 2 XL cameras are still the best cameras phone out there, check here for more details.

Google AI projects

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