5 Must Have Travel Tech Accessories For 2018 – Keep Yourself Entertained With These Devices

Today, we are going to list down the 5 best travel tech accessories for adventure magpies. Going on vacation is pretty fun, to keep your journey more entertained, you will definitely need to carry these 5 gadgets out there with you. They are the best accessories that will let you confront all type of technical obstacles. 

5 best travel tech accessories

5 Best Travel Tech Accessories For 2018

1- Monster Powerbanks

Our first pick of this list of 5 best travel tech accessories is the Maxoak battery. Powerbanks have become very popular nowadays, they come in different size, price, battery capacity, and different brands. So do yourself a favor and get one external battery for yourself. The MAXOAK might be the best one to buy.

This model offers a 50,000mAh that will let you charge different devices at the same time. With the MAXOAK Powerbank, you can charge your iPad, your phone as well as your laptop. So if you are surrounded by a lot of tech devices, a 50k battery juice will probably be the best one you. You can buy this product right here– Amazon.

5 best travel tech accessories

2- Good Quality Power Converter

A simple question, are you going abroad for a much longer time? if yes, then you need this crazy power converter. The BESTEK power converter is the accessory that will make it easy for you to keep your electronic devices energized. Besides its 3 outlets, the BESTEK power converter also sports 4 USB ports. Also, it can be used in Europe, the USA, UK, as well as Australia. Available at Amazon.

5 best travel tech accessories

3- A Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks have become a major role player in our life. Whether you are going on a vacation or not, you still need to have this accessory. In this case, you can try buying the Fugetek selfie sick. This model lets you pair the stick with your phone via Bluetooth. Once paired, it will allow you to shot, zoom in or out via navigation buttons on the stick. It is connectable to iOS and Android devices, GoPros, as well as digital cameras. Available at Amazon.

5 best travel tech accessories

4- Quality Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Nothing else feels good like listening to your favorite tracks, especially those lines you like. To enjoy a very good music experience, we selected for you the latest Beats Studio 3 Wireless. Top Features: Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling, and 10-minute charge gives 3 hours of play. You can buy this wireless and noise canceling beats here.

5 best travel tech accessories

5- Luggage Tracker

We know that you care about your luggage and what it contains. Therefore, we recommend you to buy this luggage tracker which will let you locate your stuff in a real-time scenario. Trakdot, this the best tracking device that lets you identify your luggage via its own made App ” iOS and Android” downloadable for your phone. You can easily locate your luggage at the airport, or when it gets stolen. It is one the best gadgets of these tech accessories you must have. You can find this device on Amazon.


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