Huawei authorised to build a 5G network in Russia – #Moscow

As the trade war continues to wave between China and the USA, Huawei silently signed the right to build a 5G network in Russia. The Chinese tech company is placing strategies to avoid a massive downfall. 

Huawei authorised to build a 5G network in Russia - #Moscow

Huawei to build a 5G network in Russia

Russian President – Vladimir Putin recently welcomed the Chinese President Xi Jinping to celebrate 70 years of trade relations between Russia & China.

During the event, Huawei received a huge boost “hope” as it signed the deal to develop a 5G network in Russia.

In fact, you should know that Huawei is the biggest Chinese technology company and also the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, and finally the world’s second-biggest smartphone vendor after Samsung.

Huawei authorised to build a 5G network in Russia - #Moscow

However, Huawei is partnering with Russian carrier MTS to build the Russian 5G network as the two countries strengthen their partnership.

Also, the deal was penned by Huawei executive “Guo Ping” and Alexei Kornya, president and CEO of MTS. Both @Putin and @Jinping were there during the signature of the two companies. Moreover, this deal is clearly an issue of keeping the partnership between Russia and China strong.

Also, it is a sign of keeping the trade between China and Russi healthy while the United States is trying to ban Huawei across the globe.

CNN believes that Russia doesn’t really care about American concerns about security. They instead see Huawei as a potential and contributor to the development of technology.

China & Russia signed 5G network deal!

RIA Novosti quoted Guo Ping saying that “the fact that the ceremony was attended by both presidents proves how important technology partnerships are for Russia and China”.

Most importantly, Russian carrier – MTS confirmed that the 5G network in Russia will debut this year “2019”.

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