5G – What is it? And how it could benefit you?

The technology that could let you download a 1GB movie in seconds is finally becoming a reality. But what is the 5G network? what benefits does it offer? and when it’s coming to your city? Let’s find out!

5G - What is it? And how it could benefit you?

5G network communication!

The 5G network is the real revolution of the internet of things “IOT”, providing a much faster and lightning internet speed on smartphones and other mobile devices.

This new network technology will also power up the internet of things technology, making it smarter and easier to connect the world.

What to expect from this technology?

It is very important to understand that the 5G network is not only about super-fast smartphones.

This networking standards also offers higher speed and excellent improvement in virtual reality.

Besides that, makes the usage of connected cars, smart homes easy to operate.

In fact, the new network system will make it super easy for machines “IOT” to talk to each other without any lag.

In the modern world we are living in now, you will definitely need to get a premium flagship like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

These are the type of smartphones that are uniquely made to connect to the 5G network.

Back in June 2018, the official body agreed and completed the major beginning for the fifth-generation network standalone.

Since then, many networks around the world have been fine-tuning their 5G made equipment to match the standard.

5G - What is it? And how it could benefit you?

By the way, there are certain tech companies such as Qualcomm and Intel which are developing 5G modems.

This technology will fit in phones, cars as well as smart homes. Once these radios network is installed, the testing result will tell more.

Whether this technology can interoperate with network operators and other tech companies.

The official debut of the fifth-generation network will mark the beginning of the revolution of the internet of things.

This will also include fast download speed and rapid streaming with no latency.

Here are few technologies that will really benefit from the new wireless network revolution, Home Broadbands, Virtual Reality, Drones and Self Driving Cars.

When is 5G coming to your city?

Maybe this year “2019” or next year. What we can officially say is that the latest generation of the mobile communication network is going to expand many developed countries in 2019.

In fact, the technology was first used at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to stream live Virtual Reality reports of sporting events.

However, you shouldn’t be too excited to start using this technology right now.

There is a lot to improve to enhance interoperability. Moreover, the proper installation of the network radios is also important so its hardware can work fine in high-density cities

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