After Apple, Huawei is ready to beat Samsung for world’s largest smartphone vendor

After beating Apple, Huawei is now looking forward to taking down the Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone vendor before 2020.

Huawei planning to overtake Samsung 

Huawei planning to overtake Samsung 

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer – Huawei is 100% sure that it will be the world’s biggest smartphone vendor by 2020. A few months ago, the Chinese company overtook Apple and seats as the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world behind Samsung. This is a wonderful move for Huawei already.

Right now, the company is not limiting its ambition to seating in the second place. But it is instead looking forward to beating Samsung before 2020. Besides, Huawei’s consumer division CEO – Richard Yu said to CNBC in an exclusive interview. in 2019, our ambition is to beat Samsung Mobile and become the world’s biggest smartphone vendor. Meaning that the American company “Apple” and South Korean “Samsung” will have to innovate better if they want to lead the market.

In fact, it is one of the reasons why Samsung is working on an innovative 5G smartphone. However, this feature might appear in its Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship. Not only that, but the South Korean is also launching a Foldable Galaxy F by May 2019. And so far, there is no clear detail on what kind of technology Apple is planning to launch in 2019. Richard Yu also said, Huawei will win this competition unless Samsung & Huawei are both running an unusual smartphone business.

Huawei planning to overtake Samsung 

What makes Huawei company great is that it has always focused on B2B (business-to-business) market. All top managers in the Chinese company are professionals in the market. Even so, the Chinese Huawei company still hoping to turn things around. So none should be surprised if the company really achieves its goal.

Huawei’ Ambition

In between, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer also plans to unveil a couple of innovative products that are massively Artificial Intelligence “AI” based products. Besides, that will be the key technology of things that focus on changing the way we use smartphones.

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