How Apple Was Fined $ 25000 A Day For Qualcomm Antitrust Problem

Apple, the American largest smartphone manufacturer fined $ 25000 a day for not respecting the court allegations. After failing to provide documents on time, Apple was hit severely for unfair licensing terms on the smartphone chipset makers.

How Apple Was Fined $ 25000 A Day In Qualcomm Antitrust Case

Apple punished for silly mistake

After missing on providing evidence against Qualcomm, the court-imposed a crazy deadline for Apple to provide the full document that Qualcomm has been documenting unfair licensing terms on it iPhones. On top of that, the federal magistrate judge in San Jose imposed a $ 25000 fine on the company, starts from December 16 to December 29-2017. 

The U.S. Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins said that it will even increase the fine if it fails to present the full evidence. Moreover, this case is about the American based company presenting the 1.3 million documents covered in a dispute in early October. 

Besides that, iPhone manufacturer has provided millions of documents in the dispute against Qualcomm. And the Federal Trade Commission said it was trying to provide the rest of the requested documents. Meanwhile, the company will have to pay a fee of $ 25000 a day until Dec-29-2017.

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