Apple iPhone Xc vs iPhone Xs: Specs-Design-Hardware And…

iPhone X or iPhone 10 was announced a year ago. As part of Apple’s culture, the American Tech giant unveils new iPhones and iPads every September of each year. And for 2018, Apple is releasing one of the most beautiful and advanced budget smartphones ever made. Let’s check out the Apple iPhone Xc vs iPhone Xs.

iPhone 2018 – Display and Feature

Surprisingly, Apple is mainly preparing a high-end budget iPhones that will be called iPhone Xc and iPhone Xs. According to Apple analysts, the two cheap iPhone variants will be in charge of helping the company generated 50% of Apple’s 2018 crop shipments.

Since the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were a failure, Apple is counting big on the Xc and Xs to help get back on track of the financial line. According to apple Analysts, the Apple iPhone Xc vs iPhone Xs smartphone will both be priced between $ 700 to $800. Apple iPhone Xc vs iPhone Xs: Specs-Design-Hardware And... However, China Mobile depicts an iPhone Xc (from color), Xs and Xs Max are about to launch. These iPhone will be sized between  6.1″, 5.8″ and 6.5″ displays, respectively. There might even be a dual-SIM version of the iPhone Xc. But this model will be available in China only. iPhone Xs vs iPhone Xc – Cameras feature Since these new iPhones 2018 are not official yet, the full features are less known.

Reports believe that the iPhone Xc cameras are said to come with a single lens camera on the back, making it a true iPhone 8 successor. There could still be the eventual sensor and/or optics upgrades. Moreover, Analysts are expecting the phone’s camera to have a 4K HDR recording at 60fps.  The new iPhones offer autofocus feature with more than 2x optical zoom. Apple iPhone Xc vs iPhone Xs: Specs-Design-Hardware And...

iPhone Xs – iPhone Xc: Hardware

While the iPhone Xc, Xs may be powered by one and the same chipset, the amount of RAM and storage will likely differ. So far, we know that there is a 3GB RAM for the iPhone Xc, 4GB for its OLED iPhone Xs. There is also а rumor from inside Apple Company that Apple may go for the 512 GB version.

Besides, these upcoming iPhones 2018 will run on A12 chipset. This will help the new Apple handset to match well with the processor and deliver a very good UI. For the power, these smartphones might probably come with huge battery slot of 3300-3400mAh battery. In addition, the LCD model is likely to launch at the end of October. Finally, which one would you get when these new iPhones launch?

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