Apple finally announces iTunes on Samsung TVs

The American giant Apple is now putting iTunes on Samsung TVs. This is the beginning of the new era – Apple announced as it looks forward to making more success with this partnership. 

Apple is finally putting iTunes on Samsung TVs

Finally -Apple iTunes on Samsung TVs

2018 and 2019 Samsung TVs can now access and play your iTunes movie and TV show playlists. library, Apple announced. That’s not all, iTune on Samsung TVs will allow you to buy and rent any Apple contents from iTunes straight from your Samsung TV. Apple is going to provide a dedicated app where you are going to find your iTunes contents.

Also, there Samsung TVs will be able to support AirPlay 2 which is Apple’s wireless streaming standard. However, this is not available to all countries yet. And the good news is that iTunes TV shows and iTunes Movies will be accessible in at least 100 countries.

NB: this new partnership is available for Samsung’s 2019 TVs as well as its 2018 models. The update roll will debut very soon as Samsung prepares a new firmware update for its TVs.  iTunes on Samsung TVs, apart from Windows PCs, this is the first time ever Apple allows third-party devices to access its video library.

Apple is finally putting iTunes on Samsung TVs

Moreover, Samsung will not be able to use its Samsung’s smart TV to benefit ad-tracking features. It won’t either track viewing usage, Movies, and TV Shows too. And the most important issue in this deal is the management of users privacy.

Apple and Samsung both have strict agreement on keeping users data and privacy private. There should be no internal or external factors that can lead to major revolt – like the case of Facebook leaking users data. Samsung and Apple have had some good partnership recently. Hopefully, they make a good friend and provide some excellent products and services their users will love. Also, they are the two biggest rivals in the world.

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