So Many Apple Watch Series 4 Orders- Apple Forced To Activate another production line

Apple is forced to activate another production line. The American electronics giant is receiving a massive Apple Watch Series 4. And this forces the company to produce faster since it has to deliver on time. Oh yeah, people are loving the Apple Watch right now!

Apple Watch Series 4 - First Stock Ends fast

Apple Watch Series 4 – First Stock Ends fast

The new Apple Watch Series 4 was the main gadget to steal the show on September 12th. It is the same day that Apple unveiled its 3 new iPhones – iPhone XRiPhone XSiPhone XS Max.

According to sources, Quanta Computer, the company building Apple Watch Series 4 orders is out the capacity of its factory in Changshu, China. The company is doing all it can to assemble the Apple smartwatches as fast as it can. But Apple believes that idea won’t work.

To fix this situation, Apple is reaching out to Compal Electronics. Compal is the one behind the production of Apple Watch Series 3. And soon it will be in charge of making some massive quantity of the latest Apple Watch as well.

However,  Market specialists predict that there will be more than 18.5 million Apple Watches in 2018. This will make the smartwatch line gets a bigger and larger market share than the current 35% Apple is enjoying.

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