Apple stops iPhone X production because of weak XS sales | By The Wall Street Journal

According to Wall Street Journal – Apple is completely stopping the iPhone X production because of the low sales and demand for the iPhone XS and XS Max variants.

Apple stops iPhone X production | By The Wall Street Journal

Apple stops iPhone X production | By The Wall Street Journal

Something is definitely going badly for Apple this year. Remember, it was just a few weeks ago Apple stopped the production of its iPhone XR phones. It was the same reason, iPhone XR sales were pretty low- and Apple curt its production for not wasting resources. This time, Apple is stopping the iPhone because of the agreement it has with Samsung to buy a certain quantity of OLED displays.

With 2018 Apple iPhone X OLED displays not selling well the quantities required to complete the deal, the American company has decided to stop making the iPhone 10 for now.

However, Apple also stated that the iPhone X smartphone is even cheaper to manufacturer than its latest iPhones 2018. But this is due to its age – and its components and manufacturing materials are all cheaper. This information came from the famous American news reported “WSJ”.

Besides, there are rumors that Apple will soon cut production of its latest 2018 iPhone models. This time, it is due to super low consumer demand. What a frustrating and sad year for Apple. Apple should immediately start finding solutions as it competitors such as Huawei and Samsung moving faster. And if Apple finds a solution, then it can keep on leading as the world’s biggest smartphone vendor.


We believe that Apple is a company which is capable of turning things around. This is the same issue that happened to its iPhone 5C years ago. The iPhone 5C did not sell well in units for the term of revenue that was projected – but instead, pick up the race the next year after its original release date. Source – Wall Stree Journal

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