Apple’s Struggles Continue, iPhone XR Production Hit – Global Sales Drop

It seems like Apple is going through its worse nightmare ever. After cutting the iPhone XR production, the phone might soon stop selling until Apple finds solutions.

iPhone XR production

Apple’s iPhone XR Production Struggles Continue

The crazy news is that Apple cut 2 iPhones series production in 2 weeks time. It first started with newly launched iPhone XR – and then stopped manufacturing the legendary iPhone X. Apple analysts believe that it is much better to focus on the XS duo ” iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max “.

First and foremost, the smartphone industry analysts believe that Apple confused itself about what consumers believe to be a reasonable price for an iPhone. In between many Apple third-party partners believe that the iPhone X will sell very well and pretty fast if Apple really discounts its price. That was the case of its biggest sales in China during the Chinese big Single Day shopping event.

In between, Apple is looking forward to offering subsidies to Japanese carriers so they can reduce the iPhone XR price. This price cut will be only for Japan because of the big success of the Apple iPhone 8 series. according to reports, apple next focus is to break the Chinese smartphone market and make more sale. But this won’t be so easy as Chinese seem to be looking for a high-end smartphone with good technology and affordable price.

Apple iPhone XR Flagship future!

Moreover, and inside source from Apple reveals that the iPhone X production will restart very soon. And the American based company plan to ship at least 32 million iPhone XR units by end of 2018. At this point now, there are no clear details about how Apple plans to end this crisis. However, we know that Apple is capable of bouncing back – and even come stronger with a crazy selling strategy. More details coming soon… Stay in the know!

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