Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning To Change Our Lives In 2018

Artificial Intelligence is about to control more the way we learn. In 2018, there will be more focus on the development of AI, machine learnings ” ROBOTS ” will start taking over our JOBS. Read the full article to know more about the predictions made for 2018. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

1- Money Will Flow In AI companies

Well, 2018 will make many AI enterprises rich. In fact, the latest report stated that many businesses will invest in the development of their private AI softwares. We have already seen many innovations this year, self-driving cars and ships, and life-saving medical discoveries will soon be our daily companions. Technology is growing fast, and many executives believe that AI will take over many jobs as soon as 2018 starts.

2- Interaction with AI machines will change

Yet this year, many companies have started to optimize their data and contents online. With the advancement of technology, people won’t need to type a keyword to find something. In addition, 2018 will focus more on voice-powered software. It is the case of Echo and Alexa which have invaded many people homes.

These devices have taken over in many business environments as they were proven to be good at listening and executing orders. Reports revealed that in 2018 20% of companies will make sure that their products support the voice-enabled interfaces.

3- AI Robots will define our health and wellbeing

Don’t get confused that you are no longer going to need a Human Doctor. We refer here to the development of artificial intelligence into healthcare. In 2018, AI will be much suitable to explain Lab result to patients as well as their family. Booking appointment with your doctor, fixing a consultation date will all be managed and operated by machine learnings.

Moreover, the aggressive and fast coming of ROBOTS will be helpful and also risky. We all know that humans are only friends with humans, but human living with robots will be a different deal. Hopefully, robots powered with artificial intelligence will be smart enough to live with us.

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