Asus ROG Phone Review – This is a true all in one phone

Asus ROG Phone – So far one of the top best gaming phones with all the right functions. The phone is made for gamers but is also good at boosting your productivity and “on the go” tasks.

Asus ROG Phone Review - This is a true all in one phone
Asus ROG Phone Best Gadget accessories

Asus ROG Phone Review


If you look closely at its design, you can see that the monstrous Asus ROG Phone is a total gaming phone. The phone sports a sophisticated dual-speaker right in its front face with painted faux circuit board accents.

The ROG phone is built of metal and glass. There is also a copper cooling vents at the back, which gives you a glimpse into the serious feature of the hardware.

Asus ROG Phone Review - This is a true all in one phone

The phone has squeezable and tappable sides which you can customize for different functionality.

These functions include the game-specific, mappable trigger buttons called Air Triggers, and the proprietary port which is used to charge the phone with a USB-C cable during a gaming session.


In terms of display design, the phone has a 6-inch, FHD+ (2160 x 1080 px) in resolutions. The ROG’s display has excellent screen details and very good luminosity, reaching 476 nits. There are even HDR support and a 90Hz refresh rate to boost the display.

You can run the display at 60Hz or the smoother 90Hz rate, and the difference will be marked. When you apply these features, you will find out that the frame rates scrolling through menus, and, of course, in your gameplay.

However, it might not offer the same display function 120Hz like the Razer Phone, but the experience is still solid.

Asus ROG Phone Review - This is a true all in one phone

Processor & Performance

In this case, gamers will love the Asus ROG phone because of the powerful processor it comes with. The phone has an overclocked Snapdragon 845 SoC with 8 GB RAM.

There is also 128 GB ROM which is expandable up to 512 GB via microSD card. This SoC has the highest CPU frequency of this well-known chip thus far and as such should do some impressive work.

Gaming is where the ROG phone is best at. We tested the Asus ROG 2018, and the phone did super well. There is also a new feature which is the X Mode.

This feature allows you to boost the highest performance at all times. This helps you play high graphics-intensive games without having any issues like crashing in colors or software response time.

Battery Life, Thermal Performance, and Aeroactive Cooler

Moreover, gamers will love this Asus ROG smartphone because of its powerful battery. The phone has a 4,000 mAh battery that supports your gaming sessions to last long.

Recommendation, we recommend this phone to people who are looking for top Gaming phones. The Asus ROG device is a very good performer when it comes to gaming, but not comparable to the Galaxy Note 9 & Razer Phone.

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