Bendable Samsung Galaxy smartphone: 4K display, 8GB RAM with 512GB ROM ( concept)

Again, the most awaited Bendable Samsung Galaxy phone just appeared in a full design accompanied by an amazing video. It seems that the Galaxy X might be adopting this design developed by Techconfigurations designers. 

Bendable Samsung Galaxy leaks

As we mentioned before, Samsung openly revealed in February that it was working hard to launch its foldable smartphone. But so far, the company has not revealed what is the name of this upcoming bendable phone. Different names have been communicated via rumors such as ” Samsung Galaxy Wing, Galaxy X, Galaxy X Edge or even Galaxy X8. Well, the future will tell more details about this issue.

The next Samsung smartphone is a 7 inch and 4K Super AMOLED screen model that everyone is waiting for. In addition, it is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon too, the 845 Chipset with 8GB RAM. This bendable Samsung Galaxy is the powerful phone as it carries 512 GB ROM expandable with 500GB with a microSD.

It is even believed that the phone runs on Android P ” next model”. So you will have the opportunity to experience a new phone build with amazing software. Hopefully, we can get enough details from Samsung about this phone in the coming days. This will help to present the full specs, features, release date and price for all you guys. Stay tuned and more news coming in few days…Peace.

Bendable Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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