Black Shark 3 – First Phone with 16GB RAM

The Black Shark 2 was a huge success, for that reason… Xiaomi is preparing to unveil the Xiaomi Black Shark 3, the successor and first phone with 16GB RAM.

Black Shark 3 - First Phone with 16GB RAM

Black Shark 3 – First Phone with 16GB RAM

This time, the gaming phone Black Shark 3 will have a super 5G connectivity.

This means that the Black Shark 3 gaming phone will be one of the best mobile gaming phones in-store.

Not only that, it is so far the only mobile gaming phone with 16GB RAM to hit the market.

As you know, technology is taking over, and humans of today are addicted to using tech gadgets every day.

Technology is something you and I can’t live without, and that’s where the 5G comes into rescue.

Black Shark 3 - First Phone with 16GB RAM

With a 5G network, you will be able to browse and Livestream your games at a super high speed.

Besides, the Xiaomi Black Shark is not only a powerful gaming phone powered with 5G, but it is also a gaming phone that is optimized to avoid constant lag and crash.

The proof is that has 16GB RAM which is 3 times the Galaxy S10 and 4 times the RAM of iPhone 11 Pro.

It has already been certified by the MIIT so there’s no doubt about it.

However, 5G connectivity is not the only future-proof feature.

According to our sources, the handset will be the first smartphone to come with 16GB of RAM.

First Phone with 16GB RAM

Unless another OEM beats Xiaomi to the punch with a 16GB RAM smartphone – we still don’t know when the Black Shark 3 5G will come around.

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