BlackBerry ACCESS to return in new style – 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM- below $ 500

The probable return of BlackBerry ACCESS smartphone is right now on the table. Analysts from inside the company reveal that the next Access phone is about to start manufacturing. 

BlackBerry ACCESS smartphone

BlackBerry ACCESS smartphone

For what we know so far, the upcoming BlackBerry Access phone is going to be a real killer phone. The phone is going to offer high-end specs so it can compete with the Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS. In terms of display, the phone will have a 6-inch slide display with a 4K resolution. The ACCESS might run on Qualcomm upcoming processor.

However, you can expect the phone to land with a powerful 8GB RAM for smooth performance. Besides that, the BlackBerry Access is also going to have a 256GB ROM as internal storage. For the upcoming BlackBerry cameras, reports reveal that it has a dual rear camera. Unfortunately, we don’t really know whether it’s a 20+20MP or 20+16MP… more details coming soon.

Additionally, some experts also believe that the next ACCESS phone concept might not come this year. But it might instead come by end of the second quarter of 2019. Stay tuned, more info coming soon.

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