Broadcom offers $ 130 billion to buy Qualcomm

Qualcomm, the biggest chipset manufacturer, is set to belong to Broadcom in the next hours to come. Qualcomm is well known for it’s powerful Snapdragon SoC many smrtphones run on. Besides that, the company is also famous for the internet modems it makes.

Broadcom offers $ 130 billion to buy Qualcomm

Broadcom offers $ 130 billion to buy Qualcomm

According to GSMArena, Qualcomm can be anytime soon a property of Broadcom. Both tech giants are working on a deal that might be finalized today or tomorrow. If Broadcom buys Qualcomm for $ 130 Billion, this will be the biggest sale ever in the technology domain. However, the deal only includes Qualcomm selling 70% of Qualcomm, and 30% will be kept for Qualcomm itself.

As we mentioned, this will also be the largest tech acquisition ever and would instantly make the new company the global #3 after Intel and Samsung. Moreover, Qualcomm and NXP together will have a $ 51 billion revenues for 2017 and EBITDA of around $23 billion. However, let’s remind you that Qualcomm holds the ownership for NXP. In fact, Broadcom is interested in buying Qualcomm with or without NXP. But is it will be a big money if it Qualcomm sells together with NXP company.

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However, we will know more in the upcoming hours. We will officially tell you more when the two giants agree to close the $ 130 billion deal. Stay tuned!!!

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