How Cellphone Usage Is Becoming The New Smoking – How We Can Fight It ?

Have you ever been to South Korea, Japan, Denmark, United Kingdom? Probably not, these people use their phones more than they smoke. Cellphone usage is the new virus, people are getting addicted and nothing can stop it, not even E… hahaha

Cellphone Usage

How Cellphone Usage is killing our community

Smartphone addiction kills love, no one is listening to conversations, not even your kids. Studies revealed that many people tend not to pay attention during important conversations, but instead strive on the display of their phones. According to a British survey, an average British citizen looks at their mobile phones 27 times in a single day.

This change in behavior has even pushed employers in the UK to complain more about their employees. The intense usage of smartphones is also changing the work ethic among millennials whose ears and eyes are 100% on their phones.  Besides that, smartphones have developed a social autism in the workplace as well as on the road. 

Not only it is changing our living culture, but cellphone usage by drivers have become a serious deal too. Young millennials and drunk drivers are even making it worse as they cause accidents and fatalities. A few days ago, France regulated it primary and secondary schools to ban all type of phones in classrooms. 

Cellphone Usage
Couple Not Talking To each Other, Instead talking To Their Phones

recently, many countries such as Canada, USA, and United Kingdom are trying to ban smartphones for public health concerns. This includes of imposing strong penalties on distracted drivers, busy students as well as parents who do not have time for their kids. There are many people out there trying to stop devices from running human relationships.

Meaning that starts from 2018, movement on banning phones in class, restaurants, hospitals, working environments will bring solutions to this problem. How many times do you use your phone a day? let us hear about your cellphone habit.

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