There Is A Cheap 5G Samsung Smartphone In The Works – Galaxy A71

Good news, Samsung’s cheap 5G Samsung phone wich A71 smartphone is in the works.

There Is A Cheap 5G Samsung Smartphone In The Works - Galaxy A71

Cheap 5G Samsung Smartphone – Galaxy A71

The South Korean tech giant is about to unveil a cheap 5G Samsung smartphone you can buy soon.

There are certain Samsung 5G flagships in the game right now, but they are expensive.

There is the Galaxy Note 10 Series and the S10 Series. And this is why the company is making something affordable the low and middle-class fans can buy.

Since the 5G technology is the trend now, Samsung wants to be the first company to a cheap 5G-enabled smartphone.

Our sources from inside believe that this upcoming phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy A71.

As you can see here, the photo also proves that there is something special in the work.

So far, the phone’s model is known as SM-A716B and will first arrive in the Chinese market, then internationally.

China first, because it is the largest running 5G network and demand for affordable solutions.

It’s widely believed that the handset will rock Samsung’s newly announced Exynos 980 chipset – a mid-range SoC with 5G connectivity and supports the Wi-Fi 6 standard.

This is might sound very good for Samsung fans, getting an affordable 5G smartphone with less stress.

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