Volkswagen, Intel and Mobileye to launch a driverless taxi service in 2019 in Israel

Volkswagen, Intel and Mobileye recently announced that they were starting a driverless taxi service in Israel in 2019. Besides, that’s a project which could debut in just a few months.

Driverless taxi service to debut in 2019

Driverless taxi service to debut in 2019

For those who don’t know Mobileye, it is Intel’s own private computer vision firm. Besides, the 3 partners are working things out so they can launch commercial self-driving cab service in Israel in early 2019. This is a very crazy decision by the German auto manufacturer. If things do work out well, then Volkswagen will also be the first and notorious car maker to start the commercialization of autonomous driving – self-driverless cars.

For Volkswagen, Intel and Mobileye, the project should debut in early 2019 with a few dozen vehicles. And these companies plan to scale and upgrade to “hundreds of self-driving electric cars” by 2022.

According to an Intel analyst: “This is not a pilot project”. “The joint venture is the first of its kind targeting Level 4/5 commercial MaaS”. MaaS actually means “Mobility as a Service.” For Automotive Engineers, Level 4 / 5 describes the highest two levels of vehicle automation. Level 4 is the point where no human driver can control in certain parameters. However, level 5 refers to no human driver without restrictions.

Moreover, experts reveal that Level 5 automation will be impossible to achieve. And what we have to now is to wait and see how VolksWagen, Intel, and Mobileye are planning to build these no driver taxi service.

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