Elemental Guardians RPG is coming to your iOS & Android phones on May 31-2018

  • Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians RPG for Android and iOS has been revealed, you can get it on May 31.
  • Do you want to pre-register now? Don’t worry… You can do that at the end of the article.

Fantasy RPG series Elemental Guardian

The Might & Magic fantasy RPG series: Elemental Guardians which is long running game for PC and game console is now coming on mobile phones. Today, a declaration was made by Ubisoft where it announced the arrival of the Elemental Guardians for all mobile phone worldwide.

The company firmly confirmed that it is going to launch this game for iOS and Android on MAy 31-2018. The best way to get Might & Magic Series Elemental game is to pre-register. By doing this, you will automatically receive an alert when the game officially launches. Moreover, this means that you will be one of the first iOS or Android phone user to enjoy the game before anyone else.

Additionally, Elemental Guardians game is a product of Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile company. Besides, the game is best for Android and iOS devices only. When playing, all players need to assemble a team of characters to fight in tactical strategy RPG battles. The game also comports more than 400 creatures that your team will have to collect to fight against in matches. Do you want to pre-register now? click this link right HERE.

Elemental Guardians RPG is coming to your iOS & Android

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