Facebook is adding quoted replies to Facebook Messenger conversations

Amazing, Facebook is finally updating its Messenger with something new that has been on Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp. The American technology giant is introducing the quote and reply to specific messages in Facebook Messenger Conversations.

Quoted replies on Facebook Messenger conversations

Quoted replies on Facebook Messenger conversations

Facebook wants to keep things easy for you especially for tracking specific chats in the Facebook group conversation. The feature comes as an expansion of the company’s existing reaction emoji.

Starting from today, you can hold your message to add reactions or something creative you like. With the new Facebook Messenger Conversations feature, you can easily reply to friends texts with a new “reply” button. This automatically adds a quoted version of the original text to your response.

according to the Verge, “The quoted messages aren’t quite their own message threads — they’ll still appear in line with the rest of the chat, but it seems useful enough”.

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