OMG – The first Electric Vespa costs more than $7,000

The first electric Vespa is coming to Europe this winter and will cost more than 7000 USD. So far, this electric Vespa scooter is the most expensive and powerful scooter right now. OMG - The first Electric Vespa costs more than $7,000

Electric Vespa – Incredibly Powerful

Two years after its announcement, the very first electric Vespa scooter is going on sale in Europe. The parent company Piaggio said its price is: €6,390 which is $7,300. This price is twice more than what some Gaz-Powered Vespas cost.

For people who want to pre-order, it is still only available in Europe for the moment. And you will receive your new Vespa scooter by the end of the year 2018. Piaggio said that customers in the US and China should be patient until early 2019. 

Vespa Elettrica, by its birth name, has about 62 miles of range, needs four hours to fully charge, with a powerful battery that last up to 10 years. The new E-Vespa rolls on a 4kW, about 5.2 horsepower. This is actually the same power as a regular 50cc scooter. 

OMG - The first Electric Vespa costs more than $7,000

Besides, there is also a much powerful model coming later. It is called the Vespa Elettrica X, and Piaggio has not announced any pricing or information about the Elettrica X. The Electric Vespa X is a hybrid version of the Elettrica Vespa bike.

The first model was teased one year (2017) ago in Milan Motorcycle show. Hopefully, Piaggio company can tell more about the E-Vespa X at the 2018 Milan Motorcycle Show, which starts in November.

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