The First Ever Samsung Galaxy S9 Marketing Video Is Here!! 3D emoji, Slow-mo, And More

Surprise of the day, Samsung Galaxy S9 marketing video teaser unveiled by the Samsung Electronics. In the video teasers unleashed by Samsung Mobile Korea, you can clearly identify how amazing the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are. Let’s get to the point and see what these beasts offer.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Marketing Video

Samsung Galaxy S9 Marketing Video

South Korean multinational finally unveiled the most awaited smartphones of 2018. And guess what, they are incredibly amazing. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus hold the advantage of becoming the most popular smartphones of the year 2018. In our previous review, we talked about the first leaked Samsung Galaxy S9 specs. But today, you will know more about the small piece of food Samsung just unleashed.

Oh yeah… once again, these key features of the upcoming Samsung flagships were added to its own YouTube page. Since then, it went on viral and getting many shares. In the first Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser video, you can see that there are new features such as slow-mo videos which makes recording clips fantastic.

For the second Samsung Galaxy S9 marketing video, you will find the amazing low-light photography feature thanks to the variable aperture that can go as wide as f/1.5. And finally, the third advertisement teaser comes the 3D emoji features. This innovation allows users to create animated avatars of themselves with the Galaxy’s front-facer. For more details, watch the videos below.

Video 1>

Video 2>

Video 3>

Finally, a question for you. Are you Samsung Galaxy Fan? If so, Let us hear what you have to share with these Premium Samsung flagships. Peace…More details to be announced by SamsungMobileKorea in the next days. Source>>>

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