Very first Samsung 512 GB microSD card launched and costs for nearly €300

The very first Samsung 512 GB microSD card is available and now on sale. But guess what, it is expensive and nearly hit the euro 300 price tag. 

Samsung 512 GB microSD card

Very first Samsung 512 GB microSD card launched

First Samsung 512GB MicroSD card was announced back in the summer. The official launch was well prepared and now it is time to do it. The Samsung Germany website and online store is the first one to have put the device on its site for €289.90. Besides, it is yet to launch worldwide… you can only get it in a few EU countries. Moreover, stay tuned and we will notify as soon as it comes globally.

What surprises us is that the 256 GB microSD price is only €99.90. Therefore, you can even get twice of that 256GB models. Afterward, Samsung Germany website also offers monthly installment deals.

first Samsung 512 GB microSD card

The good news, the EVO Plus card read and write speeds can reach the 100 MB/s. As from Samsung, a video which is 3GB in 4K can be transferred in only 38 seconds to the card. “The capacity is equal to 78 hours of Full HD video or 150,300 images”. However, the fine print stated that its storage capacity is only 93.1% out of 100%. You will also find an SD card adapter in the box while Samsung also offers 10-year warranty fo the product.

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