French Flyboard Air inventor successfully crosses the English Channel

After failing multiple times, Franky Zapata, the French Flyboard Air inventor also known as jet-powered hoverboard successfully crossed the English Channel today. 

Franky Zapata: The Flyboard Air inventor

Early this morning, Franky Zapata departed from Sangatte, France and arrived in Dover. The flying hoverboard inventor landed in England just after 22 minutes on his jet-powered hoverboard. The man had a fantastic trip as he reached the surprising speed of up to 106 miles per hour. Since it was going super fast, the trip did not take that long. It was a 22-mile trip completed in 22 minutes.

Here is what said after landing in Dover, “We created a machine 3 years ago, and now, we have crossed the English Channel with it, it’s just crazy.” According to the Guardian, the Flyboard Air inventor Franzy Zapata’s failed to make the first trip because it had insufficient fuel in the storage.

The man also said that he failed to cross the Channel in July because he was carrying a 10-minute supply of fuel only. The first attempt on his new Flyboard air machine ended in a dramatic situation where he failed into the water. After that crash, Zapata and his team said that they were going to try another attempt once again in early August.

Franky Zapata's Flyboard Air inventor

This time, they tried a new route with a much bigger refueling box. And finally, the second attempt to crossing the English Channel ended up successfully. Franky founded the Zapata Flyboard Air machine in 2011. A machine that uses jet-powered hardware with four turbojet engines to allow the rider to get in the air. Back in 2016, Franky Zapata set a world record for the farthest hoverboard flight. This is when after flying his Flyboard Air in the south coast of France for 2,252 meters.

Franky Zapata’s Flyboard Air invention

The biggest moment of Zapata’s machine is when he suddenly appeared over the crowds during France’s Bastille Day celebrations carrying a gun. Moreover, the defense industry in the vehicle is planning a huge deal for Zapata’s technology. In fact, the deal to acquire Zapata’s Hoverboard company will soon be official.

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