Apple worried about foldable displays making iPhone fall behind

The news just leaked as Apple co-founder seems to be worried about foldable displays making iPhone fall behind. This might be worrying Apple executives right now.

Apple worried about foldable displays making iPhone fall behind

Foldable displays making iPhone fall behind

Samsung, Huawei, and even unknown brands such as Royole all believe that foldable phones are the new innovation. It first started in Q3 2018 when Royole unveiled the world first foldable smartphone.

During the MWC 2019, we saw other foldable displays such as Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X launching as the worlds two best foldable smartphones. These are just few to cite. because there are more than 55 foldable displays phone in the game right now, including one from ZTE.

Among all these foldable smartphones, Huawei Mate X seems to be the most interesting right now. Simple reason, it is the only 5G foldable phone you can buy this year.

Apple worried about foldable displays making iPhone fall behind

However, Apple is worried because it has not has not shown to fans any sign that it will soon unveil a foldable iPhone. In between, a recent leak showed an iPhone X Fold for 2020. However, this official new is not from Apple, so just take with a pinch of salt.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak appeared in a recent interview with Bloomberg. Wozniak said that Apple has been leading the smartphone market and industry for years. Including Apple being the best in “Touch ID, facial ID, and easy mobile payment.” However, Apple co-founder confessed that Apple is falling behind in certain segments.

Is this Apple iPhone X Fold Phone? Looks Super Fantastic

This negative side is really affecting Apple as Samsung and Huawei seem to be in front. It is all about the foldable smartphones, this is the new trend.

Foldable displays – The complete new trend

And the big problem is that Apple fans can’t wait until 2020 to see the iPhone X Fold. According to Apple analysts, iPhone users around the world want an Apple foldable ASAP. Hopefully, Apple can cope with the time and “at least” officially unveil its upcoming Foldable iPhone.

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