Official! Sony is Secretly preparing a 10GB RAM Transparent Foldable Sony Phone

Our secret analysts believe that Sony is working on a Transparent Foldable Sony Smartphone for 2019. In fact, the phone features a big 10GB RAM that makes it super fast and smooth in terms of usage. 

Sony is Secretly preparing a Transparent Foldable Sony

Sony – Transparent Foldable Sony

In 2019, many companies will unveil smartphones powered with new technology.

Right now, we have Samsung and Huawei who have already their vision public to their fans. Samsung Galaxy F is launching in 2019, and Foldable Huawei X is also coming next year.

Sony, the Japanese smartphone manufacturer also tends to influence the smartphone industry by launching something super cool.

Besides, if Sony launches its Foldable Sony smartphone, it will be the best in 2019. The big talk is that Sony, the Japanese company wants to take its innovation further than Samsung’s.

That might be crazy, but there will be a serious challenge though.

Not only the analysts, but LetsGoDigital also found a patent that Sony filed back in May at WIPO.

The patent was officially published on November 29, 2018, and shows a dual transparent display.

This is something we have not seen so far this year. The Foldable Sony smartphone dual display can be set in six different modes (three for the front and three for the rear).

Meaning that you can adjust the transparent, semi-transparent and non-transparent mode.

Sony is Secretly preparing a Transparent Foldable Sony

Moreover, officials believe that Sony is planning to unveil its foldable smartphone in 2019.

Meaning that the phone’s full specifications and hardware details might soon be available to the public. Stay tuned and will tell you more once we have more news. Source.

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