Do You Want Fortnite Mobile at 60fps? Then Get Yourself an iPhone XS or XS Max

A little long ago, Fortnite Mobile at 60fps performance on iOS was fantastically terrible. But things are now different, with an iPhone XS or XS Max, you will love playing the Fortnite game on a level.

Fortnite Mobile at 60fps

Fortnite Mobile at 60fps – Get an iPhone XS or XS Max

Epic Games has actually made the Fortnite Mobile game available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 too. And this makes the Note 9 and its friends XS and XS Max the mobile handset to play Fortnite.

Besides, if you are using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone, you will also have the chance to experience this blockbuster at a powerful rate. In fact, Handsets like the Galaxy Note 9 and S9+ are the game’s Android cameo.

However, there are phones that support the Fortnite mobile gaming at 30fps – Galaxy S9. People who own Apple iPhone latest phones are the most privileged to enjoy this popular mobile game at an incredible display and frame load time.

So if you are an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, we are sure that you are enjoying it right.

In fact, the recent Mobile Fortnite patch for iOS comes offers the best gaming experience to Apple’s most expensive phones.

Moreover, the Patch update also makes these iPhones 2018 the best when it comes to smooth responsiveness.

In between, we believe that Apple’s A12 Bionic chip is the software that is the reason why your XS or iPhone XS Max rolls like PS4 consoles.

Remember, Play Station 4 also plays the Fortnite game at 60fps. This is great praise to Apple’s mobile chipset in terms of gaming performance.

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