Update: Gmail Lets You Unsubscribe From Mails You Don’t Open

Sometimes, you get to find out that your Gmail or Google inbox is full of useless messages you didn’t subscribe to. Thanks to Google new update, you can now unsubscribe from email lists that you have been ignoring, I have tried it and it is amazing.


Gmail Lets You Unsubscribe From Mails You Don’t Open

The new Gmail update now lets you unfollow mail lists you do not want to receive notifications from. It is very simple and just one click. If you take a good 1 month without opening any mail contact, Google will automatically ask you if you want to delete that mail lits.

If that seems to be the point to you, you will just have to click yes ” Delete”. This will easily stop that mail generator from sending to you any promotional or any kind of mail. Moreover, the new Google Inbox update works with both the web client and mobile app.

Besides that, the new feature seems not to be available everywhere around the world. By the way, Google has said it will come to all locations at the right time. We have not discovered any sign of this feature on iOS devices. So if you are using an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, just let us know if it is available for you.

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