Google confirms dark mode is a huge help for battery life on Android

Google confirm dark mode and night mode apps save more battery life on smartphones with OLED screens. Yes, it is actually true and works on both Android and iPhone.

Google confirms dark mode help battery life

Google confirms dark mode help battery life

The interesting thing is that Google revealed that the individual pixels work less on dark areas of the screen. And this allows them to perform practically their best when displaying true black. Actually, Google reported this news during its Android Dev Summit over the week. and you can see in the picture below how the power draws based on the different colors.

Google confirms dark mode help battery life

Fortunately, Google knows the value of Night Mode now. Moreover, the company has applied this features to most of its software interface: YouTube and Android Messages which already have it. Besides, the American technology software company is soon bringing dark mode feature to its Phone apps. Also, it is testing it right now in the mobile Google Feed platform too.

Additionally, you can also set your Android device in dark mode as well. But the company has still a bit work to do since it is adding a system-wide night mode. Besides, Samsung is also planning to add the dark mode feature to its devices in its new One UI update.


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