Google Hangouts is officially shutting down in 2020

According to 9to5Google, Google has decided the final point about Google Hangouts future. The famous messaging App is shutting down in 2020. So what’s next after it shuts down? Let’s find out.

Google Hangouts is shutting down in 2020

Google Hangouts is shutting down in 2020

The good news is that the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet is still going to be part of Google’s G Suite. Google Hangouts launched back in 2013 as take over for the Google Talk App. After its official arrival, Hangouts main role was to step in as default Android app for instant messaging, group chats.

A few months later, Hangout supported SMS messaging feature so it could be easier for you to receive and send SMS. However, all these features Google added was not solid and supportive enough to keep the Hangout App running. And the real reason of Google shutting down Hangouts is that it can’t compete with iMessage of Apple.

Google also tried to challenge iMessage by launching the Android Messages App which supported SMS service stopped just a year later. In between, Google launched Allo and Duo just 1 year later as instant messaging apps. Besides, many people are using the Google Meet instead of Hangout.

Moreover, you should not 100% consider Google shutting down its Hangout App. Because you still have 1 more year to play around the App before it disappears.

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