New Google Technology Will Detect Anyone Secretly Looking At Your Screen

Yes, and yes, we know that no one likes it when someone else keeps looking or spying at our screen and see what we are doing. Well, Google has a solution, its new Google technology innovation will detect and take the photos of anyone secretly looking at your phone’s screen. 

New Google Technology

Google Technology:

Sometimes, we do not want people to know what we are reading on our phones. This is due to privacy concerns and also the safety of ourselves from the hackers. Google just showed its new innovation in a demo video that will detect anybody looking at your smartphone’s screen. The phone automatically stops any activity and show you the suspect on the phone.

New Google Technology

Well, we really appreciate this Google technology, and it is the type of features we would like to see in upcoming smartphones (2018). For now, the new tech feature is under development and will soon be available on Google phones. Besides that, Google is going to let some big brand name phone makers put the feature on their premium phones. It is not going to be free either, it will be a B2B scenario.

The face detection process of this tech is quite quick. Google company is also claiming that the scene of capturing suspects can happen in just 2 milliseconds. Moreover, Google researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff are right now ready to present this new tech at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in California next week. Enjoy the video below and see how it works.

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