HTC Exodus 1 Now Available, Full Blockchain Smartphone

The new HTC Exodus 1 is HTC’s very first cryptocurrency phone mainly focused on blockchain technology. The phone is officially available – so you can pre-order yours now.

HTC Exodus 1 technomedial

HTC Exodus 1 Now Available

For people who are interested in getting the HTC Exodus 1, you can buy it with Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In fact, you cannot buy the new HTC cryptocurrency phone with fiat currency. In between, the Founder of Litecoin – Charlie Lee is now a top consultant in the Exodus team.

Also, the new Exodus 1 smartphone marks the start of its own Zion crypto wallet.

The Wallet is built with sophisticated hardware security that makes it super tough to access to scammers.

If you use the Zion crypto wallet via the Exodus 1 phone, you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies, pay with crypto and also run dApps.

Please see Phil Chen holding the Exodus 1 during the Slush 2018 presentation. Full presentation here.

HTC Exodus 1 technomedial

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