Huawei Mate X fold phone launch is near! 5G – 12GB RAM and…

Breaking news, Huawei Mate X fold phone was recently spotted in some Chinese shops. This does let us see through that Huawei is definitely boosting the Mat X phone marketing before it officially arrives.

Huawei Mate X Phone – World’s first foldable phone with 5G

Well, let us remind a short about the race to launching the world’s first foldable phone. A month ago, Samsung rushed and wanted to be the very first company to launch a bendable smartphone. Yes, but the company failed miserably. This is due to some tech inside the Galaxy Fold not being ready to operate.

However, a reliable source revealed last week that Samsung was preparing to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Fold ASAP. And now, it is Huawei’s turn to push harder so that it can announce the Mate X this month.

Huawei Mate X fold launch is near! 5G - 12GB RAM, 512GB ROM

Besides, you should keep in mind that the upcoming Huawei Mate X smartphone is a real monster phone. If you look at its specs, you will find out that it is the only foldable phone with a 5G network so far. This is an impressive milestone, please see the Mate X specs below.

Foldable phone with its screen on the outside.
Main 8″ AMOLED Display, 2480 x 2200px, 414ppi.
Unfolded 5.4mm thick, folded – 11mm thick.
Folded shows: front 6.6″ and back 6.38″.
Fingerprint in power key.
World fastest 5G phone, download 1GB movie in 3 seconds.
4500mAh battery.
55-watt Huawei SuperCharge, 85% in 30 minutes.
New Leica Triple Camera, Best-in-class selfie.

Huawei Mate X fold launch is near! 5G - 12GB RAM, 512GB ROM

In fact, we believe that the new Mate X flagship is going to launch in China first. Maybe after a few days, the oversea shipment will debut. 

The Mate X poster’s that appears in a Chinese shop doesn’t list any dates. However, it states that the launch is very near. Also, Huawei’s president of Product Division revealed that the new beast “Huawei Mate X fold” is coming in China this month.

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