Huawei Nova 6 Phone To Arrive On December 5 – Cheap 5G Phone

Huawei officially confirms that the new Huawei Nova 6 phone is coming on December 5.

Huawei Nova 6 phone

Huawei Nova 6 Phone – 5G Phone 2019

The brand new Huawei nova 6, knows as a mid-range 5G phone will make its debut in on November 26 before going official in stores on December 8.

Some major features of this phone are still unknown. But we do know that it is going to some key features such as 5G technology.

Besides that feature, the Nova 6 will also come with a dual selfie camera.

The new Huawei Nova 6 smartphone is also one of the few mid-range phones that offer regular and ultra-wide units.

So far, there is no complete info about the new Nova 6 device.

However, some trusted sources believe that the phone will run on Kirin 990 with embedded 5G tech.

It is a 40W wired charging phone with Sony’s new 60MP IMX686 sensor as a camera feature.

We will tell you more as soon as we hear from Huawei…

Huawei Nova 6

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