Huawei P40 flagships will be much cheaper than expected – < Huawei P30

After the successful launch of Huawei P30 last year, the company is now looking forward to launching the Huawei P40 flagships.

Huawei P40 flagships- technomedial

Huawei P40 flagships

The good news today is that all Huawei fans will be able to get the upcoming P40 phone at an affordable price.

It is 2020, and Huawei wants to make sure that fans are happy with what they are paying for.

For people who don’t remember, the Huawei P30 price was from $800 to €1,000 when it first launched.

But this year, the Huawei P40 price will debut from €600 and the P40 Pro base price at €800.

Also, fans can expect a third and Limited model known as Huawei P40 Pro Premium Edition.

Huawei P40 flagships- technomedial

The P40 Pro Premium Edition price is going to start from €1,000 according to the storage option it offers.

On the Premium model, there is a 10x optical zoom, the Pro 5x and the vanilla model 3x.

With its new sensors technology, Huawei is expected to improve its Huawei P40 camera up to 52MP with a Quad Bayer filter.

Huawei P40 Flagship release date!

With Samsung planning to increase the price for its Samsung Galaxy S20 series up (starting at €900, €800 without 5G), Huawei might play smart to win the game with its price cut strategy. Stay tuned, The Huawei P40 trio release date is for the end of March.

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