Huawei supplier will sanction and fine workers who buy Apple iPhone

The U.S. and China are really clashing each other on different issues right now. Commodities, clothes, technology – they are at war. And Huawei supplier are getting into it as they plan to fine workers who buy iPhones. 

Huawei supplier will fine workers who buy an Apple iPhone

Huawei supplier will fine workers who buy an Apple iPhone

The latest news about Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou made things even tighter. China and the USA have a tight relation right now and China is very upset with America of Trump. A recent U.S. investigation revealed that Huawei CFO, Meng was part of the spy team that used the global banking system to do business with Iran. Also, the United States believes that this action violates its sanction put on Iran.

Huawei Chief Financial Officier – Meng was arrested in Canada 10 days ago and is facing extradition to the U.S. Besides that, Huawei is also on the way to face export ban in the USA. In between, United States also has told its partners “Japan-UK” not to do business with Huawei. Some news even revealed that the Huawei company was spying on people “collecting data” via its devices. 

Huawei supplier will fine workers who buy an Apple iPhone

Today’s South China Morning Post (via Android Authority) said that Menpad, an LCD display maker based in Shenzhen “a Huawei supplier”, revealed that the company will fine employee who buy an Apple iPhone. The trade war between the US and China – is just beginning.

“If employees buy any iPhone for themselves, the company will impose a 100 per cent penalty on the basis of the phone’s market price.”-Menpad

So far, the United States government believe that Chinese Huawei and ZTE are national security threats. And this is the reason why the US has been telling allies to stop using technologies from ZTE and Huawei. Moreover, Huawei is the world second largest smartphone maker after Samsung, and also the top global provider of networking equipment.

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